Out-voting Self

David Muyskens

READ : Matthew 16:24-26

“If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves.” (v. 24)

For a long time the way voice votes in meetings have been taken is that those who favor a motion say “Aye,” and those who are against it say “Nay.” The presider listens and the loudest side wins the vote. If the positive side has won, the chair traditionally declares, “The ayes have it.”

It’s another sort of “I” vote that too often carries the day for me. Too often “I” thoughts and attitudes prevail in my life. I am absorbed in what I feel, what I think, what I am struggling over. I have my ideas of the way things should go. Too often my life revolves around my own ego. Submission to Christ gets outvoted.

When I pray I adopt a new orientation. I accept God’s direction. I consent to God’s presence and action. I let Christ be at the center. I listen to his word, I bring my petitions to him, spend time with him.

When that happens, my old self is out-voted. Christ is my chosen Leader. In prayer, I take my position on every issue with him. I listen, speak, and commune with him. Then I follow his direction in all I do and say.


Crucified Christ, help us to let go of selfishness and live with you. Amen.