Pray Always

David Muyskens

READ : Luke 18:1-8

. . . need to pray always and not to lose heart. (v. 1)

Jesus told the parable of the widow and the unjust judge because of our “need to pray always.” To do that we need specific times of prayer so that we can develop the capacity to be prayerful during the rest of the day.

John Calvin wrote about the benefits of praying at set times each day. For Calvin the goal should be prayerfulness in every moment of the day (Institutes III, XX, 28). But it is necessary, because of our weakness, for us to discipline ourselves by setting certain hours for prayer. Calvin wrote that we should not allow those hours “to pass without prayer, and during them all the devotion of our heart should be completely engaged in it. These are: when we arise in the morning, before we begin daily work, when we sit down to a meal, when by God’s blessing we have eaten, when we are getting ready to retire”(Institutes III, XX, 50).

In our relationships with our spouse or children we say that we have to spend “quality” time together. If we do not share time together the relationship will grow distant. A disciplined practice of prayer leads to an awareness of God in all the events of daily life.


Almighty God, grant us perseverance in our daily practice of prayer.