It's Not about You!

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 12:1-9

The feeblest among them . . . shall be like David. (v. 8)

Every week on American TV, a much-hyped contest names a winner: a new singing idol, a new survivor, even a champion loser (of pounds)! Hurrah for a minute . . . until the next contestant is introduced. Fame’s spotlight rests on no one long.

Zechariah’s sweeping view of history tells of a winner without bragging rights. The House of David, Judah (represented by Jerusalem), will turn out to be history’s surprise winner, still standing when all other contenders lie wasted on the battlefield. This no-account little people with hardly a decent leader since David and multiple offenses toward God—they will be the winners!

But the glory for their victory belongs to God alone. He makes it happen. God gives the vision, supplies, energy, and courage to win. Without God, there’s no chance. Because of God, the people celebrate.

Your life may have had setbacks. Some were the result of mistakes, laziness, or poor choices. Other setbacks came for no apparent reason, due to nothing you did or didn’t do.

But God has a victory in store for you. If he took the no-account Judeans and made them champions, he can take your life to heights you cannot foresee. Trust and obey. Be God’s person today.


Lord, I look for victory in your strength, by your might, on your day!