Cover Your Eyes

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 14:12-15

“A great panic from the Lord shall fall.” (v. 13)

At the climax of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Nazi culprits show supreme arrogance—they open the Ark of Israel to possess its treasures. Now even the great powers of the Old Testament God will belong to them.

Or so they think. But the scene turns quickly from pride to horrific destruction. The onscreen images are bone-chilling, the kind where adults cover the eyes of young children. This is too much like a nightmare; God’s power is scary.

Zechariah indicates those film images are not far from reality. If his book were illustrated, you wouldn’t show the pictures to youngsters at bedtime. They tell a story that should thoroughly frighten anyone who thinks God wants to be just a casual friend, or that God doesn’t care what we do. The “Big Buddy” version of God is exactly what Zechariah warns against.

God is patient, yes, but don’t press him. “I’m not kidding” is his message. Fierce and decisive will be God’s way of cleaning up this world’s mess when his patience runs out. Never imagine you are calling all the shots. God has the power; all lesser powers will someday submit. God’s holy plan leads to peace and joy, but on the way and especially “on that day,” God will triumph over every stubborn enemy.


Forgive my pride, King Jesus. I need your help today.