Global Unity

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 14:16-19

“Then all who survive . . . shall go up.” (v. 16)

Genghis Khan was a great Mongolian warrior whose armies almost did what every conqueror dreams of—uniting all nations. Alexander the Great also tried. Perhaps the Roman Empire came closest. The United Nations keeps trying to negotiate peace and unity in the world.

Zechariah’s vision of world unity is based on united worship of the world’s one God. Worship is what the world was created for. The world at its best is a world that is worshiping God. Is it fair for God to “make” everyone worship, to force what should flow voluntarily? But worship in Zechariah’s prophecy is all-voluntary. The penalties he mentions for refusing to go up to Jerusalem show that everyone is free to choose.

Jerusalem is journey’s end and harvest home. God reigns as Lord of all. Some few don’t like it, but God’s sovereignty is known to all. Each person must declare his or her position toward God, either as worshiper or rejecter, subject or rebel, child or orphan. “Come to Jerusalem” is the biggest, best invitation to be all you were meant to be—God’s son or daughter.

In Zechariah’s time this “global unity” day was called the Feast of Booths. The great day Zechariah points toward won’t need a special name. Its celebration will eclipse all previous holidays and never end. Friend, don’t miss it.


My worship I humbly offer, Great God of all nations.