Not What Is, but What Will Be

Mark Fackler

READ : Haggai 2:1-9

“Take courage . . . all you people.” (v. 4)

Abraham Lincoln knew that he needed to free the slaves in the Confederate South. He had the power, he knew it was right, and he had even written the document—but it lay on his desk, waiting.

For what did Lincoln wait? For a military victory to turn the tide of the war, giving him and the people courage to believe that his words could effectively do all they would say.

Haggai asks no less of the returned exiles here. Be strong, he tells the governor and high priest. Take courage, all you people, and rebuild God’s house. If God opened the captors’ doors so you could return to Jerusalem, then build! Do it with full and confident hearts, despite all opposition and every uncertainty about the future.

Why should they take courage? Because God has promised to “shake the nations,” to supply every need, and to fill his house with glory.

What’s on your agenda, waiting for action? Are you convinced about what God wants you to do, but still no courage?

For Lincoln, the Union’s victory at Antietam in 1862 was the courage-making event. Soon after, the President published the Emancipation Proclamation, and history turned a corner.

What are you waiting for? The God of all creation promises to hear your prayers and to provide. Is it time for you to build?


Encourage me today, Lord.