Contagious Evil

Mark Fackler

READ : Haggai 2:10-19

“I struck you . . . with blight and mildew.” (v. 17)

Haggai’s prophecy describes the contagion of evil. The point of the strange questions he asks the priests is that evil spreads easily, even by casual contact, but goodness doesn’t transfer so well. The whole point of Haggai’s ministry was to encourage the Jewish exiles who had returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. But the people hesitated. The implication is that their laziness has let evil spread, and now with crops failing, the nation is in a real mess.

It’s such a common experience. Stop picking up your socks and soon rumpled clothes are all around the bedroom. Dirty dishes pile up just as easily. Homework put off. Chores avoided. A card you meant to send—maybe next time. Credit card debt? Letting your life spin out happens with so little effort. Doing right is hard work. The prophet’s message: obedience—and its opposite, disobedience—both have consequences.

Do you put time for worship ahead of relaxation? Or does prayer get pinched into random minutes in your life? Haggai warns, “Take inventory.” Is your harvest smaller than it should be (v. 16)? If your life seems impoverished—especially your walk with God—put first things first. Take control of the lazies. Commit to disciplined obedience and here’s God’s promise: “From this day on I will bless you.”


Bless this day, Lord, for all it’s worth.