The Signet

Mark Fackler

READ : Haggai 2:20-23

“I will . . . make you like a signet ring.” (v. 23)

What’s a signet ring, and why would anyone want to resemble one? Haggai’s prophecy uses this image to offer a wonderful promise.

A signet ring was the mark of a king: people followed orders stamped with a signet because it carried the authority of the king. To possess the king’s signet was a great privilege and high responsibility.

Yet to Zerrubbabel in Jerusalem, given his meager resources and dispirited population, the promise that he would be God’s signet ring must have seemed like a big joke. Except for one factor: God was doing a new thing. All of God’s power to “move mountains” would be given to this chosen leader. Take heart, the prophet said. The mission you’ve been given comes backed up by all the authority of the Lord Almighty.

Does your job seem impossible? Perhaps it is indeed—by yourself. But you are not alone. See what God will do through you. God will not abandon his chosen ones. Be faithful. Let courage be your watchword.

Rings and symbols are not the issue here. What counts are promises believed in the heart. What matters is a life lived in total trust—that all of God’s promises to you are strong and true, because “I have chosen you, says the Lord of hosts.”


I’ll step forward, Lord; you back me up.