Wise Men Still Seek Him

David Bast

READ : Matthew 2:1-11

“And going into the house they saw the child . . . and they fell down and worshiped him.” (v. 11)

We three kings of Orient are . . .

Three claims about the wise men, only one of which is true: they were from the Orient, the east. But they weren’t kings, they were magi, astrologers. And though Matthew mentions three gifts, that doesn’t necessarily mean there were three magi.

The really important thing about them isn’t what they were but who: gentiles drawn to worship Jesus as king. The magi are a preview of all the different nations who come in faith to Christ the Lord.

Think of it. No Bible, no Temple, just a hint from the heavens, and off they went, pressing onward through the weeks and across the miles. The magi want to honor Christ, even when Herod and the leaders of his own people show no interest in doing so. They believe in Christ, even when the King turns out to be a little baby on a poor mother’s lap in a humble village house. But still “they fell down and worshiped him” and presented him with gifts, gold and incense and myrrh.

The real gift of the magi wasn’t carried in any box. They themselves were the gift. If the magi, with so little to go on, could worship him with heart and treasure, how about us?


What I can I give him—give my heart.