Seeking Shelter

Mark Fackler

READ : Zephaniah 2:1-5

Perhaps you may be hidden. (v. 3)

Actor Harrison Ford’s best line in the film Witness comes in a confrontation with a bully who’s been taunting Ford’s character, a police detective disguised as an Amish farmer.

“You’re making a mistake,” John Book says slowly, firmly. The bully mocks him. Then quickly, WHAM! The bully and his cocky cronies are laid low by decisive punches. John Book walks slowly back to his carriage. “Not good for the tourist trade,” an older gent admonishes.

In Zephaniah’s prophecy, mockers are challenged by the decisive power of God who demonstrates his sovereignty and sends competitors running for cover. True to the prophetic tradition, a warning precedes judgment. But the prophet knows few will listen. Warnings are just words. The mockers are neither humble nor thoughtful enough to listen. They refuse to humble their pride because of a prophet’s warning. Besides, God is not bargaining. Even if the mockers adopt a humble stance, God gives no guarantees.

What “prophetic warnings” beg for your timely reply? (And what better time to listen than at the dawn of a new year!) Need to give up a habit? Need to reconcile with a friend? Need to change your priorities? God invites you to stop mocking his claim on your life. Today, come to God, be honest, and change. Anything less is making a big mistake.


Forgive my wayward drift, Lord, I will follow you.