Richard Cameron (d. 1680)

Mark Fackler

READ : Isaiah 7:3-9

If you do not stand firm in faith . . . (v. 9)

Old King Ahaz was quivering. Isaiah strengthened him.

How many times has faith caved in to fear? How many prophets and preachers have reminded us: “God is good. Trust him.”

Richard Cameron was a Scottish schoolteacher when he came to faith, and what a gifted preacher! Church leaders urged him to ordination and Cameron stepped forward, in faith preaching boldly: “Will you take Christ? Tell us what you say! These hills and mountains around us witness that we have offered him to you this day. Angels are wondering at the offer . . .”

Cameron became a champion for a free church in Scotland, challenging the right of the English King Charles II to lead the church. Charles saw treasonous poison in Cameron’s appeal and ordered his arrest. In a showdown on June 20, 1680, Cameron and his brother were killed.

At Netherbow Gate in Edinburgh, Cameron’s severed hands and head were displayed as if he were praying. The public spectacle was intended to mock him. Yet those who passed by knew his faith. Richard’s father, forced to view his remains by English soldiers, said, “Yes, it is my own dear son. Good is the will of the Lord, who has made goodness and mercy to follow us all our days.”


Lord, take fear away and give me faith.