The Word Came

Jon Brown

READ : Hosea 1:1
John 1:1-5, 14-18

The word of the Lord that came to Hosea son of Beeri, in the days of Kings Uzziah, Jothan, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. (v. 1)

First in the line of the 12 minor prophets stands Hosea. These books are referred to as “minor” because of their length, and “prophets” because the men whose messages they contain had been given the dangerous task of speaking to the people on behalf of God, and to God on behalf of the people.

Hosea begins, “The word of the Lord that came.” What stands out is that the word of the Lord came to a particular person (Hosea), in a particular time (the days of certain kings). God, who created time, shows up within time with a word for his people. Is that not at the core of the gospel?

“And the Word became flesh and lived among us.” (John 1:14) “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) “And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind.” (Acts 2:2)

God shows up within time to help real people in real places—people who have real joys and hopes and hurts and failures. All of which becomes for us the confidence of faith: the conviction that we do not wander through the wilderness of our world alone. God shows up.


Eternal God, we bless you for entering into time for our good. Amen.