Beautiful Feet

Jon Opgenorth

READ : Romans 10:5-17

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (v. 15)

The reddish-brown dirt road takes us deep into Uganda’s interior. All vestiges of civilization lie far behind. I’m twelve hours into a two-week stint in Africa with my 13-year-old daughter and Words of Hope’s David Bast. I’m wondering, “What am I getting myself into?”

And then we see them. A crowd a thousand strong lines the dirt road and sings songs of praise. It feels like Palm Sunday.

This little village of Busan lies among the Bari-speaking people. They have never heard the gospel in their own language over the radio—until now. From miles around they gather in this little village to welcome David Bast and Titus Baraka, the Ugandan, Bari-speaking pastor who preaches in their language over the radio. Every Saturday night they meet in groups around portable radios to listen to the gospel in their own language preached by one of their own.

And today they celebrate! David and Titus have come to inaugurate this ministry. There are songs, prayers, and sermons—all translated into their own language.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to have never heard about Jesus in my language. I no longer wonder why I’ve taken my daughter to such a place.


God of wonders, may your Holy Spirit equip us to spread the Good News of Jesus in every language in this generation.