Church in Heaven

Jon Opgenorth

READ : Revelation 7:9-17

. . . there was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages . . . . (v. 9)

What will worship be like in heaven?

The Bible tells us that every creature there will forever worship the Lamb who is worthy. What will that worship be like? I think I saw it in Bahrain.

In many churches people have definite opinions about worship. Some say the music of heaven is the organ and the great hymns of history. Others point to David’s call to praise God with clashing cymbals and stringed instruments. Still others say there are to be no instruments.

The Bible is neither concerned with the style of music nor the variety of instruments. The Bible’s concern is with who is to be worshiped and who is to do the worshiping.

I saw it at the National Evangelical Church in Bahrain. There, on Friday mornings, over 300 people from 34 nations gather to make much of Christ and celebrate salvation. They are dressed in the bright colors of India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. They move with the beat of Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. Expatriot Brits and Americans harmonize on the hymns. A cacophony of sight and sound floods the senses with the hope of heaven.

The next time you go to worship, whatever the style, savor salvation, and celebrate your neighbor.


Worthy Lord, may I make much of you today.