The Master's Touch

Jon Opgenorth

READ : Ephesians 2:1-10

For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works . . . (v. 10)

She was a Julliard-trained pianist. She came to Japan with our group to bless the church with her skills. I had experienced the pleasure of listening to her mastery of the instrument on several occasions. We all anticipated what God would do through her. There was just one problem: the church did not have a piano—not even an old upright, and certainly not a concert grand.

On the last night, however, a keyboard showed up. It was nothing special, just a simple electronic keyboard. A man asked her to play the instrument. She humbly agreed. And the night changed.

For the next 15 minutes that simple keyboard became a concert grand. The owner looked on in amazement and awe. Sounds he had never imagined possible were emerging from those plastic black and white keys.

Isn’t this exactly what God does with us? The world might see us as incapable of greatness, unusable for glory. But God has different eyes. He sees you as his child, made in his image, created for his glory, and destined for his kingdom. God has different skills. When he takes hold of a life, he transforms us into what he made us to be—an instrument of his glory.


Amazing God, show me how you desire to use me today.