Back Again

Jon Opgenorth

READ : Acts 16:1-10

. . . there stood a man of Macedonia pleading with him and saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” (v. 9)

Who is calling to you? Two months after my journeys to Africa, Bahrain, and Japan, I sensed God prompting me to call Titus, the man with the vision for a teen counseling center in Uganda.

Pastor Titus became for me someone like the man from Macedonia Paul speaks of in Acts 16. The man pleading in Paul’s vision prompted a change in the direction of Paul’s mission. God puts people in our lives—a real person like Titus or an image in a vision—that become beacons of light that won’t let go of our hearts.

The very thing that Titus was in need of our congregation possessed—professionals who could train lay counselors in his congregation. And so we returned with a team of five to partner in this great work.

What about you? Who is God placing in your life right now? What vision is the Holy Spirit giving you, saying, “Do this, do it now, don’t delay”? You may not have every answer for how it will come about, but take the first step. God will provide the rest of what you need to live a purposeful life, both now and in his eternal kingdom.


Father God, give us courage to listen for your voice and walk in your light.