The Best Is Yet to Be

Lou Lotz

READ : John 2:1-11

“You have kept the good wine until now.” (v. 10)

According to John, the man who called himself the Bridegroom performed his first miracle at a wedding. What is the miracle? Changing water into wine is impressive, but that isn’t the real miracle.

The miracle is not just the transformation of the water, but the transformation of the future. Notice how the miracle is defined: “You have kept the good wine until now.” In other words, “The best is yet to be.” The disciples believed in Jesus, not because he neatly solved a catering problem at a wedding reception. They believed because they realized that, in Christ, the future was brimming with promise.

Christ transforms the future, making it his future, and since we belong to him, our future. There will be tribulation, and sometimes our strength and courage will run out, like the wine at the wedding. Still, the best is yet to be. Whatever sadness the world throws at us, always remember that Christ has overcome the world.

Be not afraid. The best wine is still to come. In Christ, the future is better than the past. The disciples figured this out at the wedding in Cana. Seeing, they believed. “Blessed are those who have not seen,” said Jesus, “and yet have come to believe” (John 20:29).


Lord, I have nothing to fear, thanks to you.