David Bast

READ : Romans 6:5-11

Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again. (v. 9)

When I was a student a popular folk song called Abraham, Martin and John referred to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and John F. Kennedy. It was a sad song, with a haunting refrain:

Has anybody here seen my old friend Martin?

Can you tell me where he’s gone?

He freed a lot of people but

It seems the good, they die young . . .

Abraham, Martin and John.

Why doesn’t Jesus fit this song? He was a good man who died young. So why don’t we sing sad songs about him? After all, we call the day the stock market crashed “Black Monday.” Why do we call the day Jesus died “Good Friday”?

Because we know how it all turned out. New Testament scholar Marcus Borg has observed that if there hadn’t been an Easter Sunday, there would be no Good Friday. He means that if Jesus had not risen from the dead, no one would have bothered to remember the story of his death. Crucifixions weren’t memorable, but a resurrection certainly was! So we know that death was not the end for Jesus. By his resurrection Jesus truly has “freed a lot of people.” United to him in faith, we have died to sin’s penalty and are alive to God, free to live for him.


Help me die to sin and live to you.