Joy from Showing Concern for Others

Chic Broersma

READ : Philippians 4:10-13

Indeed you were concerned for me. (v. 10)

The great apostle brought joy to the Philippian congregation by caring for them. He, in turn, found joy in their concern for him. The happiest, healthiest people are those who get outside themselves and show concern for others. Somewhere, I ran across this item called How to be Miserable:

Think about you. Talk about yourself. Use “I” as often as possible. Listen eagerly to what people say about you. Expect to be appreciated. Be suspicious. Be jealous and envious. Be sensitive to slights. Never forgive a criticism. Trust nobody but yourself. Insist on consideration and respect. Demand agreement with your own views on everything. Sulk if people are not grateful to you for favors shown them. Never forget a service you have rendered. Shirk your duties if you can. Do as little as possible for others.

How different from the attitude of Ernie Harwell, the beloved former radio announcer for the Detroit Tigers. In an interview he was asked, “Is it difficult to broadcast a game? What’s your approach?”

Harwell, a joyful Christian, answered, “The game is the main thing! Tell what’s happening, and try to stay out of the way.” What will be the “main thing” for you today? Yourself? Or Christ and others?


Lord of joy, help me get outside of myself and show concern for others today.