God Calls

Jon Brown

READ : Exodus 3:1-6

God called to him out of the bush, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.” (v. 4)

“Here I am.” When God called, this is how Moses responded, “Here I am.” Moses was a fugitive and a murderer. He found himself working as a lowly shepherd, doing his best to provide for his young family. He was grinding out another day’s worth of lonely labor in the wilderness when the sight of a burning bush caught his attention. The mysterious voice called, “Moses, Moses.”

And he responded simply, yet profoundly, “Here I am.” On the one hand, it’s a simple way to acknowledge another: “Here I am.” On the other hand, it’s the profound way we all ought to respond when God calls: “Here I am, right here, going about my everyday business, open and available when you call.”

God calls us in the midst of the ordinary realities of our everyday lives. You teach little ones how to read and write; “Here I am.” You tighten nuts and bolts on machines; “Here I am.” You have a little free time and a caring heart to go with it; “Here I am.”

God calls us where we are and our response ought always to be the same, a Moses response – “Here I am, Lord, open and available.”


Lord, when you call, give me the ears to hear and the courage to respond, “Here I am.” Amen.