God's People

Jon Brown

READ : 1 Samuel 3:1-9

Now the boy Samuel was ministering to the Lord under Eli. (v. 1)

Samuel was just a boy; his ears not yet mature enough to recognize the sound of the voice of the living God when God spoke. The trained staff of Israel’s sanctuary was available. The priests of Eli’s family were nearby. There were countless other mature women or men of faith to call upon. But God chose the boy. God called the young Samuel to serve in furthering his purposes.

The remarkable reality of our faith and our God is that God chooses to use some of the most unlikely of people. A stuttering Moses, a prostitute Rahab, an ornery Jonah, a virgin Mary, a persecutor Paul: all were called and used by God.

He continues to do the same with so many other seemingly unqualified, incapable people today. God chooses them anyway and God’s purposes are realized anyway.

You may be the youngest in your family, the lowest on your staff, the last in your class, but you could also be just the kind of person God chooses and calls to bring about his redemptive purposes in the world. Are you willing to respond?


Lord, call me and use me in your service, to further your kingdom, to be about your purposes. Amen.