God's Presence

Jon Brown

READ : Daniel 3:19-30

“But I see four men.” (v. 25)

I received the phone call on a Saturday afternoon. Some friends were experiencing a horror I can’t imagine. The wife was eight months pregnant and had gone in for a routine checkup when the couple was given the worst news imaginable. There was no heartbeat; their baby had died.

After the shock diminished a little they called to ask if I would be willing to join them at the hospital and commit their child to the Lord. Two hours after delivery I made my way into a pain-filled hospital room.

Before entering, I peered through the door. I saw the mother on the bed holding her baby boy, her husband next to her, holding her hand, both sets of parents on either side of the bed. I counted seven in the room. Through tears we committed their precious child to the Lord. We hugged, we prayed, we leaned deep into the promises of God.

As I left the hospital I recalled counting seven figures in the room, but I really think there were eight. Despite the overwhelming pain of that day the presence of God was unmistakable. It reminded me of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, “Was it not three men that we threw bound into the fire? . . . But I see four.”


Gracious Father, in whatever circumstance give us eyes to see not three but four. Amen.