A Mighty Wind

Adam Navis

READ : Acts 2:1-4

. . . a sound like a blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house.” (v. 2 NIV)

The wind in a hurricane can reach speeds of over 150 miles per hour. A tornado’s funnel can rip through the countryside whirling at 300 miles per hour. Damage can flip cars, topple trees, and reduces homes to nothing but a pile of bricks. Survivors survey the remains of houses and buildings with dazed and awed expressions. These are violent winds.

Is this what we imagine when we picture the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost? Is this the kind of power we feel in our own lives – disciples who are knocked around, scared to pieces, trying to figure out what is going on? That just may be the way the Spirit is supposed to affect us.

But unlike the chaotic destructive force of a natural disaster, the Holy Spirit’s power fills and builds up. The disciples and those around might have been dazed and awed, but it was because of the wonder of being able to speak in languages from all around the world.

It is easy to think that because the Holy Spirit is unseen he is unreal. Yet like the unseen wind, the Holy Spirit comes with the power to remake your life, to fill you and make you new.


Fill me with your mighty Spirit, Lord.