Too Early for Drinking

Adam Navis

READ : Acts 2:5-13

“They are filled with new wine.” (v. 13)

We tend to be skeptical of people. We’ve seen too many corrupt politicians, dishonest church leaders, shady businessmen. When someone comes up with a new idea or plan, it is natural for us to suspect their motives. We think to ourselves, “They are only suggesting this for their own gain.” Or, “They are just trying to make themselves look good.”

When the followers of Jesus, newly filled with the Spirit, burst out to proclaim the gospel to the citizens of the world in the streets of Jerusalem, onlookers said they were drunk. The people who claimed that the disciples were drunk were simply trying to make sense of something they did not understand. They reached for the only explanation they had available to them: these people have had too much new wine.

People do not like to live with things they don’t understand. Sometimes it is easier to accept an absurd explanation than to live with mystery. When the Holy Spirit fills you, it may be tempting for others – perhaps even for yourself – to dismiss your experience as drunkenness, madness, or fanaticism. But don’t worry about what people think. Trust God, and “you will receive power” (Acts 1:8).


May I be ever open to the Holy Spirit.