Real Encouragement

Joel Plantinga

READ : Hebrews 3:12-14

But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today.” (v. 13)

A journalist captured on film a fascinating duel between a pack of lions and a herd of water buffaloes. The lions had successfully separated a young buffalo from its herd and were moving in for the kill. Suddenly other members of the herd appeared out of nowhere and charged the lions, rescuing the young buffalo. The battle went back and forth until the lions finally moved on to an easier target.

Encouragement is more than merely lifting spirits; it is the act of providing spiritual protection to another brother or sister in the Lord. The very nature of the word implies helping another to greater courage in life, so that they may be strengthened for the journey God has called them to.

Each of us has the ability to encourage another person. Our words, deeds, and attitudes either encourage or discourage others. Today’s passage reminds us that the urgency of this task is clear and ought to be a constant priority. Just as the lions seek their prey, our enemy Satan prowls around seeking someone to devour. Each day we must stay alert for the needs and opportunities presented to us so that we can help each other stay on track.


Lord, keep us alert to the needs of others and opportunities for encouragement. Amen.