The Power of Sharing

Joel Plantinga

READ : Romans 12:11-21

Contribute to the needs of the saints. (v. 13)

A couple felt called to full-time mission work. Short on money, they decided to sell most of their belongings. But instead of using the sale to support their own mission, they donated the proceeds so that a family in Mexico could have a house built for them. This act of generosity demonstrated a commitment to God’s people and a selfless nature that will serve them very well in kingdom work.

Sharing with others can be, and sometimes will be, an act of sacrifice. It’s one thing to give out of abundance. Even the world understands this. But when we give sacrificially to help others we begin to live out what Paul is writing about here.

Sharing was a mark of the first-century church that was a powerful witness to the pagan world. It was witness to a God that did not stand afar and wish us well, but instead sent his Son to give his very life as a ransom for our sins.

Do you understand that everything we have belongs to God already? If a need becomes a burden on our heart, we should act in faith and allow God to provide through us. He’ll take care of the rest!


God, move our hearts to generosity. Help us to meet the needs we see. Amen.