Renewing the Covenant

John Koedyker

READ : Joshua 8:30-35

Then Joshua built on Mount Ebal an altar to the Lord . . . (v. 30 NIV)

Repetition is a good thing. It can be trying at times, but as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” I’m not so sure about “perfect,” but it is true that the more you go over something, the better you know it.

That is how I came to know the Scriptures. When I was growing up we did a lot of memory work in our home. My mother would send me to my room to repeat verses over and over till I thought I knew them. Then she would check me. If I needed more practice, she would send me back. Then she’d check me again until I was able to recite the Scripture perfectly.

In the Christian life, we often need to repeat lessons. Israel on Mount Ebal repeated their covenant vows to the Lord. They were now in the land of Canaan and it was important to begin their life there with God.

Every Sunday we repeat things in worship that remind us what we believe. And because you are reading this devotional, you realize the value of daily and repeatedly listening to God’s Word. Renewing our relationship with God is a great way of staying close to God when there are battles raging all around us.


Lord, help me to renew my vows to you today. Amen.