Partakers of the Divine Nature

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 40:12-31

They shall run and not be weary. (v. 31)

The greatness of the Lord in exaltation, power and sovereignty could hardly be given
greater expression than in these verses. Compared with the Creator, the creation is
minuscule. The assembled nations amount to no more than a splash of water from a

Mighty as individuals may seem from an earthly perspective, from the Lord’s throne they
look like grasshoppers. Rulers come and rulers go, but their whole career is of the Lord;
he alone truly rules. Even stars and planets hold their position only because he summons
them into place!

But the heart of what was revealed through Isaiah is not just God’s greatness but a
sovereign guarantee that the Lord will not and cannot forget his people (v. 26). On the
contrary, he holds himself in readiness to share himself with them. He who “faints not nor
is weary” (v. 28) plans that those who “wait on the Lord” will “renew their strength”
(literally, “put on new strength”). Like the Lord himself, they will not weary in their
race nor faint in their walk (v. 31).

The key to us sharing his nature is to “wait on the Lord” (v. 31). Such waiting
combines trustful faith, restful patience, and confident expectancy.


Help me imitate “those who through faith and patience inherit the promises”

(Heb. 6:12).