Security in a Frightening World

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 41:1-20

Fear not, you worm…! (v. 14)

History shows that someone is always trying to take over the world. Imperialistic
ambition is intrinsic to the sinful heart.

Isaiah saw the conqueror on his irresistible march (vv. 2-3) and terrorized people
fleeing to their man-made gods for help (vv. 5-7). Where is true security to be found?
Only in the Lord. Specifically, by God’s:

(1) Protecting relationship (vv. 8-13). A “servant” (v. 8) or “slave” seems to be
defenseless but actually is as strong as his protecting master. We, his Israel, are the
Lord’s chosen servant. We are armored by that relationship.

(2) Transforming strength (vv. 14-16). A worm, you might think, has little chance when
facing a mountain range, but suppose the worm was transformed into a threshing machine (v.
15) capable of chewing up mountains!

(3) Gracious provision (vv. 17-20). The world is like a harsh desert; how will we make
it through? Just remember the exodus—water from the rock, palm trees and wells at
Elim, manna from the skies. The Lord’s people marched through a miraculously transformed
landscape, and the provision continued until they were safely home. This is the difference
between turning to the dead gods of the world and the living God who hears prayer, does
not forsake his own (v. 17), and has all resources at his disposal (vv. 18-20).


“Whenever I am afraid . . . I will not fear.” (Ps. 56:3-4)