Asking the Right Question

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 42:10-25

Who gave up Jacob to the looter? (v. 24)

We might wonder why Isaiah’s people were so baffled by their experiences. We have the
benefit of hindsight, of Isaiah’s analysis of what caused Jerusalem’s fall and Israel’s
exile. After all, having refused the Lord’s word through the prophets and flouted his
commandments, what else could Israel expect?

But do we ever really appreciate how serious our sins are? In the thick of adversity
the easiest question for us to ask is “why?” The answer is either far from plain, or one
we do not want to hear, or would not understand were it given to us.

Isaiah proposes a better question. Don’t ask why? Ask who? “Who made this happen?” This
question brings us straight back to the Lord, the Doer of All. Face to face with him, the
issue is not explanation but faith, trust, repentance, and obedience. This is why the
Bible constantly looks past “second causes” and attributes everything directly to the
great First Cause.

Our calling is not to “understand,” to find a logical pattern and reason for events.
Our calling as believers is to bow before the sovereign God who does all things well, to
make sure we are right with him, to walk with him humbly and trustingly, to accept life
from his hands and commit our lives into his hands.


Let me feel your strong hand around me.