The Exodus Lord Never Changes

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 43:1-21

You are mine . . . I will be with you. (vv. 1-2)

When Israel went to Egypt (Gen. 46:4), the Lord went with them. When they came out
(Exod. 14:13), it was he who rescued and saved them. All through the wilderness he
preserved them (Deut. 8:2-4). Now they go to Babylon but he still goes with them (vv.
1-3). As he delivered them once, so he will again deliver (vv. 14-15), and the new exodus
will match the old (vv. 16-21).

At his first coming the Lord Jesus performed an exodus-task of deliverance. When he
comes again the new creation will be the greatest demonstration of the power of the
exodus-Lord to deliver and preserve. Sadly, as Isaiah knew, the Lord’s people are all too
often blind and deaf to his word (v. 8).

But we are still his chosen ones (v. 10), and in all our winding and often painful
pilgrimage the Lord’s promise that the waters will not overwhelm nor the fire burn is
still true. Our pathway is hedged in by our miracle-working God, and—oh, hold it
constantly before your eyes—the day is coming when we too will be gathered from east,
west, north, and south (vv. 5-6) and will be forever with the Lord.


Be with us, Lord, when the waters rise.