Don't Argue; Accept, and Pray

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 44:24?45:13

I am the Lord, who does all these things. (v. 7)

Twice Isaiah proclaims the Lord as the Doer of all (44:24, 45:7). “Light and darkness,
well-being and calamity . . . I the Lord have created it“ (45:7-8; where the great
creation verb the Old Testament reserves for the mighty acts of God himself is used). The
point Isaiah is making is practical and important. He is talking about world events, in
particular the arising of yet another world-conqueror. What a prospect! As if it was not
bad enough to be under the heel of Babylon, here comes Cyrus of Persia (44:28, 45:1)! Yet
this is God’s doing.

For Israel, this was quite the opposite of what they wanted. They wanted a new David,
ruling independently in Jerusalem. Under Cyrus, they would remain puppets to a pagan
emperor. No wonder Isaiah foresaw people (vv. 9-10) resisting the will of God. So what do
we learn?

  1. Our God is sovereign. He is the Doer of all—even what seems like darkness and
    calamity (v. 7).

  2. He is always working for our interest. Against all expectations Cyrus will restore and
    rebuild Jerusalem (44:28, 45:13). Even he is a tool in God’s hand.

  3. Everything the Lord does is for righteousness and salvation, so pray for it to come
    (v. 8). In his will is our peace.


Keep my mind stayed on you. Give me peace. (Isa. 26:3)