The Whole World in His Hands

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 45:14-25

Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! (v. 22)

The Lord’s worldwide purpose is still on track. This message was intended to reassure
Isaiah’s Israel and to encourage us as the people of God. They could not see how the rise
of a pagan conqueror, Cyrus, fit in with the Lord’s promises that through Abraham and his
family all the world would be blessed. It seemed the blessing was rather going in the
opposite direction, to the gentiles instead of Israel. Isaiah hastens to put us right:
Israel’s God is the only God and Savior(vv. 18, 21-22). People from all the world will yet gather and find salvation in this
one and only God.

The gentiles coming in chains to Israel (v. 14) is a picture of what is always the fact. In order to enjoy salvation we come from outside, humbly, submissively, to where the Savior is already known through his word. All this is for our encouragement too.

The world seems all-powerful, it seems to hold all the trump cards! The Church, God’s Israel, too often seems crushed and unable to make inroads into its anti-Christian environment. But appearances belie realities. The Lord is still in control. The gospel of Jesus is destined to win the nations. One day every knee will bow (v. 23; cf. Phil. 2:10-11)!


May your Name spread and be glorified!