When You Feel Forgotten

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 49:14?50:3

“My Lord has forgotten me.” (v. 14)

In our clearheaded moments we all know that the Lord will never leave us or forsake us,
but sometimes even the most mature saints suffer a feeling of desertion. The delightful
sense of the Lord’s presence has gone, and the resulting emptiness is indescribable. In
such moments we need to take these verses in Isaiah into a quiet nook and repeat their
promises until the assurance of them takes over.

  1. Love cannot fail (vv. 14-16). Look at his hands: our names are cut into his flesh as by
    an engraver.

  2. The wedding day is coming (vv. 17-18), full of bridal beauty and excitement.

  3. Present discouragement will become future enlargement (vv. 19-21) as solely by grace
    others are won to Christ.

  4. The Lord will use his power to change opponents into supporters (vv. 22-23), and he who now seems hidden will reveal himself as he really is. There will be no more disappointment or depression (`shame’ v. 23).

  5. The Lord is stronger than the strong (vv. 24-26) and as Savior, Redeemer, and Mighty One can break even the most powerful grip that holds us captive.

  6. He has never broken off his relationship with us, and never will. No power can challenge the power of the God who rules creation (50:1-3).


Please help me constantly to feel the truth I believe.