The Perfect Servant

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 50:4-11

Morning by morning . . . he awakens my ear to hear. (v. 4)

Following the Lord’s complaint that he called and no one answered (50:2), a single
voice cuts in: “I was not rebellious” (v. 5). It is the voice of the Servant of the Lord,
the voice of Jesus. We who so deeply want to be like him in his responsive obedience to
the will of God—let us determine to learn his lesson.

The Servant has given the beginning of each day to the Lord in a “morning by morning”
time together. That’s the secret; everything else in the Servant’s perfect career followed
from the fact that he started the day with God. To that morning meeting he brought only
one thing: an ear opened to hear God’s word.

The picture is so plain: two meet together, the Lord and his Servant, and between them
lies the open Book. Out of that Book the Lord will teach his Servant, and where there is
readiness to listen, he can be relied on to open the ear to hear. What a marvelous and
humbling thing that the Lord so desires to meet with his Servant that he himself is the
alarm clock awakening the opened ear for the meeting! Such a simple thing—to start
each day with the Lord around his Word. Let’s do it!


Teach me your statutes.