Wake Up!

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 51:17?52:12

Wake yourself . . . Awake . . . Go out from there. (51:17, 52:1, 11)

Matching the threefold “listen” of yesterday’s verses, today’s threefold call (vv. 17,
1, 11) is to wake up and be different. That’s logical, isn’t it? The Word of God should
stimulate us to a new and distinct life, should it not? Yes, but there is more to be

Jerusalem (v. 17) and Zion (v. 1), the Lord’s people, are called to wake up because he
has been doing things for them while they slept, great things to which they made no
contribution. This is one of the pictures the Old Testament uses to teach that salvation
is all of God. We wake up to the fact that the work has been done. The Lord has turned
away his wrath (51:22). The “beautiful garments” (52:1) he tells Jerusalem to put on
typify the new, holy nature his people can now enter by throwing off the past (v. 2) and
living out the holy life appropriate to people engaged in the Lord’s business (v. 11).

How has all this salvation come about? The Lord himself has taken the cup of wrath and
drunk it (51:22, cf. John 18:11). The Lord “bared his holy arm,” that is, rolled up his
sleeves, and performed the great saving work (52:10). While we slept, he worked. He the
doer; we, the blessed recipients.


“Salvation belongs to our God . . . and to the Lamb.”