Who Is This Servant?

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 52:13?53:12

Behold, the righteous one, my servant . . . (52:13, 53:11)

The big question in Isaiah is, “Who is this `servant of the Lord’ about whom so much is
said?” Isaiah calls him “the arm of the Lord” (53:1). In 51:9 “the arm of the Lord” is
addressed as a person, meaning the Lord himself, whose power overthrew Egypt and delivered
Israel. In 52:10 the Lord is baring his arm again—rolling up his sleeves—in
order to accomplish worldwide salvation.

So when Isaiah asks, “To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” he refers to the
Lord himself, come to save. But he also says the Servant “grew up before him”—a human
experience of growing up—and lived as a man among men, even ignored, despised, and
rejected. The Servant is both God and man; what a preview of the Lord Jesus!

Isaiah lays down two other “markers” by which we can recognize the Servant when he
comes. He would experience a threefold exaltation “high, lifted up . . . exalted” (52:13),
just as Jesus did in his resurrection, ascension, and enthronement. And what about his
burial? They planned his grave with “wicked men,” but his tomb was “with the rich man” (v.
9). What a remarkable prophecy! How utterly marvelous is the Bible! And with what
confidence we can hail the Lord Jesus as the suffering, saving Servant of the Lord!


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for serving me.