Samson's Last Stand

Alec Motyer

READ : Judges 16:1-31

Then Samson called to the Lord. (v. 28)

Throughout his entire life the only prayer we see Samson offering is here at the very
end. It is good to see Samson finally turning to the Lord. Up to now, Samson seems to have
lived pretty much according to his own whims and fancies. Even here, however, Samson’s
prayer leaves a bit to be desired. He prays for God’s help so that he can get revenge
against the Philistines for taking his eyes.

Samson is a good illustration of what can happen to people when they go it on their
own. A person may be very strong physically or gifted in the things of this world. But
life has a way of going very wrong. Blinded and enslaved, Samson remembered God. He
remembered the One who had blessed him in so many ways, and he turned back to him. The
lesson here is that even though Samson’s life is tragic, God is faithful. God answered
Samson’s self-centered, revengeful prayer.

Our lives may not always be the best either. Certainly, we have all let God down again
and again. But the fact remains that God is faithful, and he answers our prayers. No
matter how bad you have been or how selfishly you’ve lived, the good news is that God
really cares and forgives.


Thank you, Lord, for the undeserved grace you give to us. Amen.