Second Choice

Lou Lotz

READ : Genesis 29:21-30

So Jacob . . . loved Rachel more than Leah. (v. 30)

If you’ve ever been second choice, you know how painful that can be. When they announce
the runner-up at a beauty pageant and Miss Runner-up starts to cry those aren’t all tears
of joy. It hurts to be second choice.

“Jacob . . . loved Rachel more than Leah.” Leah knows that she is her husband’s second
choice, after her younger, prettier sister. That must have hurt. If you’ve ever been
rejected, bypassed, let go, or downsized; if you’ve ever lost an election or missed a
promotion; if you’ve ever sensed, at a deep level, that your parents took more delight in
one of your siblings than they did in you, then you know something of what Leah felt.

But God acts in the lives of runners-up as well as winners. When Rachel was barren, it
was Leah who continued to give Jacob the sons who would fulfill God’s promise. It was
through Leah that Israel’s priests and kings would be born. Without Leah there would have
been no Moses, no Aaron, no David, no Jesus. Just because you were somebody’s second
choice does not mean God ceases working through you. God doesn’t have any second choice


God of Jacob, in a world in which we are not always chosen first, we are grateful that we are chosen by you. Amen.