What's Left for Us to Do?

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 54:1-17

Sing. . . . Fear not. (vv. 1, 4)

Not only is the Lord’s Servant the Savior, but he has so effectively saved his people
that nothing is left for us to do but sing. He has done it all; we rejoice in a finished
work of salvation. This responsive joy is the first of four marks of those the Lord has

The next is that we are joined in an unbreakable relationship of love to the Lord
himself. As Isaiah puts it (v. 5), “your Maker is your husband.” Then comes the blessing
of an eternal covenant, as illustrated by the experience of Noah (vv. 9-10). The flood
came and went, provoking the Lord’s promise that it would never happen again. So those
whom the Servant (Jesus) has saved enter into a “covenant of peace” (v. 10), based on
steadfast love, prompted by compassion, and secured by the promise that it will never be

The fourth blessing, the gift of righteousness, is mentioned twice: in verse 14, it is
the foundation on which the Zion-people are built, our rock of security. In verse 17
(where some versions translate it as “vindication”) righteousness is God’s gift to us,
what Paul calls “the righteousness from God based on faith” (Phil. 3:9). In these ways
full salvation, fully accomplished by Jesus, is applied to us.


Father of Jesus, help us to see the glorious inheritance that is ours.