Welcome to the Feast!

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 55:1-13

Incline your ear . . . hear, that your soul may live. (v. 3)

Isaiah invites everyone to a free banquet (v. 1). If we can eat without money, someone
else must have paid! In this way Isaiah 55 also looks back to the Servant’s saving work.
He has paid the price, we eat his food freely. Isaiah’s world was divided between the
Lord’s people (the children of Abraham) and the gentiles, just as our world is divided
between the Israel of God (those who believe in Jesus) and those who have yet to respond
to the gospel. Isaiah sees the former singing over a completed salvation and the latter
invited to join the banquet.

We who believe are the singing people, and the free gospel invitation goes out to the
unsaved world. The rich food is the Word of God—for this reason the call to eat (v.
1) becomes the call to listen (v. 3), and the glorious invitation to seek the God who will
“abundantly pardon” (v. 7) rests on the effectiveness of the Word which cannot return
empty (v. 11). How zealous we who know Jesus should be to feast constantly on his powerful
Word! It is in this way that we enjoy belonging to a different kingdom, where, through
Jesus, we are secure in an everlasting covenant (v. 3), enjoying the Lord’s “steadfast,
sure love for David.”


Open our eyes to the riches of your Word.