Zion, the Home of the Redeemed

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 60:1-22

I am the Lord; in its time I will hasten it. (v. 22)

The Lord has put on garments of salvation, promising to “come to Zion as Redeemer”
(59:20). Here in chapter 60 we see the accomplished reality—beautiful Zion, the home
of the redeemed from all the earth. No earthly location, of course, for what one city
could contain the gathered world? This is the heavenly Zion of Hebrews 12:22, the
Bride-City that is yet to be (Rev. 21:9-11).

Like the gold-paved streets and jeweled foundations of Revelation, Isaiah uses every
earthly picture of richness to sketch the glory that is in store for us. Savor every word
of it! He is also realistic that all who come into the Lord’s salvation do so as
subordinate to those who held and shared the truth before they did. This accounts for the
pictures of glad service (v. 10). We should always gladly set ourselves to serve those who
are our “elders” in Christ.

And the over-riding message is plain. When the Lord undertakes his saving work it is
complete and effective. There is but one salvation for the whole earth; God’s saving work
results in a pilgrim people worldwide, heading for Zion. There all are on an equal
footing, for “your people shall all be righteous” (v. 2).


“Solid joys and lasting pleasures none but Zion’s children know.”