Transforming Lord, Divine Savior

Alec Motyer

READ : Isaiah 61:1-11

The Lord has anointed me . . . to bind up the brokenhearted . . . he has clothed me

with the garments of salvation. (vv. 1-2, 10)

Isaiah 61 is the passage Jesus chose to open his public ministry, reading it in the
synagogue of Nazareth and applying it to himself (Luke 4:18-19). He has been anointed with
the Lord’s Spirit specifically to transform our lives: to bind up our brokenness, free us
from bondages, secure us within the Lord’s favor and preserve us from his vengeance, to
replace mourning with gladness. Jesus’ ministry is nothing less than to transform us and
our world.

In a world all too evidently full of bondage and sorrow and under divine wrath, the fresh and transcendent quality of our lives should be a revelation to all of what Jesus can do. This is intrinsic to his work of salvation: an earthly glory here and now for his redeemed, as well as an eternal glory yet to come.

The power to transform is his because he is God. Isaiah has already allowed us to see the Lord himself donning the garments of salvation (59:17); now it is Jesus, our bridegroom and priest (61:10), who is dressed for the task. Our divine Savior, our transforming Lord and God—Jesus to whom all power is given.


Lord, may the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.