Sovereign God

Jessica Heikoop

READ : Isaiah 45:5-7

I am the Lord, who does all these things. (v. 7)

God is sovereign. He is El Elyon, the Most High, the ruler of the universe. When we
consider God’s sovereignty we can see more of his attributes—that he is absolute,
independent, majestic, and supreme. God is in control, and nothing happens without his

Often events occur that make it extremely difficult to see why God allows them or how
they can be used for good. Thinking of this, Corrie ten Boom once used a wonderful example
to illustrate God’s rule. She said to think of a needlework picture—when we look at
the back it is an absolute mess of string going every which way, making no sense
whatsoever. But when we turn it around it is a beautiful picture, every stitch exactly
where it needs to be. On earth it is as if we are looking at the back of a needlework
picture. We see mess and confusion, but God sees it all complete and perfect.

We have to learn to trust God, remembering that no matter where we are or what happens,
he is in control and his hand leads and holds us. When we grasp that, we can learn to
rejoice in every circumstance, and say with the psalmist, “Why should I fear in times of
trouble?” (Ps. 49:5).


Lord, we thank you that you are always in control.