Your Works

Jessica Heikoop

READ : Psalm 139:1-18

Wonderful are your works. (v. 14)

My grandmother’s family lived in Indonesia until her father became ill. They then had
to return to the Netherlands, arriving home in the winter of 1939. In May 1940, the
Germans invaded Holland, and Oma and her family lived under harsh occupation for five
years. Such difficult circumstances made it easy to question why God brought them back to
Holland when they could have been free in Indonesia. But years later they learned the
truth, and saw the depth of God’s sovereignty and wonderful work in their lives.

The boat that took them home was the last to leave Indonesia before the Pacific war
began. In 1941 the area where my grandmother had lived was overrun by Japanese armies, who
put all of its inhabitants in concentration camps—much harsher circumstances than the
family endured in occupied Holland.

What they thought was bad, God meant for good (Rom. 8:28). He knew their days; every
circumstance and situation was designed from the beginning according to his good will and
perfect plan. They were not exempt from suffering; Christians still face hardships. But we
can rest in knowing that God is sovereign and in control of every aspect of our lives. We
can trust that what may seem like a mess will be beautiful in the end, fulfilled in ways
that only our heavenly Father can orchestrate.


Lord, we praise you for your works.