Your Glory

Jessica Heikoop

READ : Isaiah 43:1-21

. . . whom I created for my glory. (v. 7)

We saw yesterday that in Christ our lives find their true purpose. We weren’t created
merely to build a career or accumulate material things. The ultimate reason why we were
created is to praise Christ. Today we look at a further, equally important, purpose for
our lives.

Revelation 4:11 proclaims, “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and
honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will [or, “for thy pleasure”
(KJV)] they existed and were created.” Our reading today says, “everyone . . . whom I
created for my glory” (v. 7).

According to these verses, our further purpose is to glorify God and to accomplish his
will and bring him pleasure. The last two fit together. It is as we do his will that we
bring him pleasure. Or turn it around: by bringing him pleasure we are doing his will!

How do we fulfill these purposes? By living for God alone, seeking and doing his will through his Word and Spirit, and by reflecting Christ’s character in our lives—his patience, love, kindness, and peace.

In all we do, no matter our circumstances in life, we have a purpose that we are to carry out. As we do, we know that we are accomplishing what we were created for.


Father, may we always fulfill our purpose by glorifying you.