God Displayed

Jessica Heikoop

READ : John 9:1-41

. . . that the works of God might be displayed in him. (v. 3)

When Jesus was asked if a man’s blindness was punishment for sin, he said “No,” that it
was for the same reason as everything—to show God’s glory in his life. Through the
man’s healing, many people marveled and believed. There are numerous examples of similar
reactions to Jesus’ works of healing (see Matt. 15:31; Mark 2:12, 5:20; Luke 7:16, 9:43,
13:17). In all these accounts we see how each situation was intended to reveal the glory
of God and the manifesting of his works. The people with various diseases were not created
to suffer; rather, they were examples of God’s plan to heal and save.

We may think God doesn’t have a plan for us. We may doubt that God can use us at all to
further his kingdom. And yet here we see that God uses weakness to display his glory. He
may not do this as dramatically as he did with the blind man, but we can be used all the
same in our everyday lives. We can live in a way that makes people marvel and glorify God
as they see him evident in us.

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that his “power is made perfect in weakness,” and
because of that, Paul even boasted in his weakness. As can we, to the glory of God!


Lord, may your work always be displayed through our lives.