The Bread of Life

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 6:29-35

Jesus said . . . “I am the bread of life.” (v. 35)

Hungry stomachs had been filled. Jesus had miraculously stretched a little boy’s lunch
to feed five thousand people. Naturally the crowd followed him, hoping for more free
handouts. They didn’t really understand what Jesus had done. So Jesus explains that there
are two kinds of hunger: physical and spiritual. Only spiritual bread can satisfy the
deepest hunger that relentlessly gnaws within the human heart.

Many try to fill the spiritual cravings of their hungry souls with every form of
material, physical, and social pursuit. But all other bread, like the manna in the
wilderness, doesn’t last. One hungers again.

By contrast, Jesus fully satisfies. He alone can feed the heart. Jesus makes an
astounding declaration. “The bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life
to the world” (v. 33). “That’s what we’re looking for!” cried the people (v. 34).

Here’s what Jesus is saying: “Listen, people, only God can provide bread that will fill
your hungry souls—the bread from heaven. Here’s something life-changing that you need
to know: I came down from heaven (vv. 33, 38). I am the bread of life! (v. 35). And I
promise you this: Anyone who comes to me will never go hungry. Whoever believes in me will
never thirst” (v. 35).


Lord, we would feed upon Jesus Christ the Bread of Life.