Jesus the Light

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 8:1-12

I am the light of the world. (v. 12, 9:5)

The interruption was rude. Worse than that, it was wicked. Jesus was at the temple. A
large crowd had gathered around him as he began teaching. Suddenly the belligerent
religious elite, who in their opposition to Jesus were searching for some chargeable
offense against him, disrupted the Messiah’s classroom. Out of the darkness they dragged a
woman who had been caught, they claimed, in the very act of adultery.

They didn’t care about either the woman or the Law. They were interested only in
cruelly exposing her sin and trapping the Lord. But, unintentionally, they had brought her
into the true light—into the presence of the one who sees everything, even the
darkest secrets of guilty hearts. Compassionately, Jesus extends forgiveness to her (v.
11) while cleverly revealing the hypocrisy of her accusers.

Standing before Jesus it is impossible to keep our sin secret. God’s light always
penetrates that dark place. And once revealed, sin must be confessed. For those who do,
Jesus promises that “whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light
of life” (v. 12).

Light not only reveals the filth and dirt in the human heart, it also lights the path
of holiness. Jesus is the light. He will cleanse a repentant heart and he will show the
way to walk in purity.


Lord, never let me stray from the Light.