Lost but Shown the Way

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 10:7-10, 14:5-6

I am the door . . . the way. (10:9, 14:6)

I read about a spelunker whose light gave out while exploring a cave. Frantically he
felt his way along one wall—only to run into a rock. Fear gripped his heart as he
tried another way. Another dead end. After three days he gave up, all hope gone. Nearly a
week passed before a rescue team found him. With tears, he recounted the overwhelming
relief of suddenly seeing a tiny glimmer of light penetrate the total darkness.

What a picture of our spiritual desperation! The Bible describes us all as being lost,
in the dark, without any hope of escape. We may frantically try this way or that, this
religion or that, but nothing works. We need a Savior who will come and rescue us.

And on Christmas night God’s Son did come. He was sent into our darkness, our
hopelessness. He comes to us and says, “Follow me . . . I am the way.” There is no other
way, no matter how sincerely we may pursue it. Other ways are human attempts to free
ourselves from the dark cave of sin and death. But only the way offered by the one who
claimed, “I am the way” assures us that God himself has come to show us the way to our
eternal home.


Lord, thank you for finding us and showing us the way out of our darkness.